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Pansies – Where I present my newest creation

Posted on: May 19, 2010

I hereby present to you my latest creation from soda bottles: a pansy plant.

The idea of multi-petal plants has intrigued me and I lighted on the pansy as the one to experiment with. It took me a few tries.

In the first plant I tried, I created 3 petals around the bottle (and three under them, for a total of six). After attaching the extra two petals (cut out of a separate bottle) I realized that the flowers were way too large, so I just used them to experiment with coloring. Now, I challenge you to Google pansy pictures, and decide on just 6 patterns. They are so many and so varied, with each one seemingly more beautiful than the next!

The problem with glass colors is that they dry pretty well transparent, so even the “snow white” color isn’t really white. I achieved the white petals by painting them on the back with white acrylic paint.

The other challenge was how to affix the back two petals to the flower. I tried first by leaving each petal with a little “stemlet” (cut and not burned, to keep it thin), burning a little hole just where the flower head bends at the stem, inserting the “stemlets” and melting them to the back of the flower. However, this didn’t allow the back petals to tuck in closely enough to the rest of the head. I finally achieved a satisfactory solution by cutting a notch from the edge through the center of the back petal, inserting the stem through that, and then melting from the back to affix.

I hereby present my finished plant.

Side view (colors have been slightly enhanced)

Top view

I used three color schemes using purple and yellow. The black “faces” are added with a marker. The flowers with the purple-white petals have been painted on the back with white acrylic.

A quite successful experiment, I think!

I couldn’t resist trying to find an apt quote of poem for these alert, bright-eyed and sprightly flowers.  So I offer you this:

The beauteous pansies rise

In purple, gold, and blue,

With tints of rainbow hue

Mocking the sunset skies.

Thomas John Ouseley; Source: The Angel of the Flowers

Next on my mind is to use the same idea to make a nasturtium-type plant. (Nasturtiums spread like vines and have very complicated petal arrangements, but I just love the orange color paint I have.)

Oh, and here is a link to a different way to make flowers from soda bottles.

1 Response to "Pansies – Where I present my newest creation"

Wow, what a beautiful project! Thanks for the shout-out!

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